Alyssa Barron



 LA-based singer/songwriter


Whether it's the raw wailing of the blues, the exuberance of swing or the delicate lyricism of folk, Alyssa Barron's music is broadly moving and emotional.

Barron was raised in the Tucson desert, and from the age of three she was onstage with her father, singing songs by Warren Zevon and The Grateful Dead.

Music was an early passion and Barron was immersed in choirs, private lessons, musicals, quartets and was soon the leading vocalist in jazz, blues and big bands.

Jazz and folk heavily influenced Barron's musical upbringing.  Artists including Ella Fitzgerald, Paul Simon, The Beatles and Etta James would prove to shape her songwriting style, while her vocal performance is largely influenced by Linda Ronstadt, Bette Midler and Janis Joplin.


Having made an early career in jazz and blues, Barron went on to study music and theatre in England. Throughout her six years in the UK, Barron did voiceovers, worked in theatre, sang in bands and developed a reputation for pouring everything she's got into her songs.

When she began performing in Los Angeles, Barron joined The Blind Lemon Peel All Stars, with musicians including Craig Kimbrough, Willie Ray Brundidge and D.J. Ison who between them have worked with James Brown, Solomon Burke, the Doobie Brothers and Joss Stone.


Barron regularly fronted the band in the opening set, where they played her own material of saucy blues and stirring folk. One such show recorded live at the legendary Catalina Jazz Club, Hollywood lead to the making of Barron's first EP, which was launched in December 2016.


The EP launch prompted solo tours of England, Iceland, the Czech Republic and in Hungary as a guest vocalist with the Rambling Blues Trio.

In Los Angeles, Alyssa Barron fronts several bands, performing original blues,  folk and jazz.

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